What are the Bestselling Book Categories?

Aspiring for the Bestsellers’ List

With millions of titles being published in the country, let alone all over the world every year, it’s a bit difficult to keep track of each and every material’s performance in the market. But every writer usually aspires for one thing – to get his works read and attract the appreciation of his target readers. Seeing your work in a bestselling books’ list is a manifestation of how the public has received your book. It means that many people (outside your family and friends) were interested in your material and it was widely appreciated all over the country or at least in the locality that is covered by the list.

National bestsellers’ lists have varied criteria for deeming a book a bestseller but this is usually based on the number of copies that it has sold. There are also different categories to make things fair. After all, fiction has a different type of audience as compared to nonfiction or self-help titles. The titles in these lists do not necessarily have to be of superior literary quality. They just have to sell a lot to make it on the list.


As earlier mentioned, bestsellers are usually classified under either fiction or nonfiction. Under these major classifications are subgroups in reference to the genre where the titles fall. For instance, there is a different list for children’s books, another for young adults and another for matured reading. In other lists, books are ranked according to their hardcover and paperback edition. Some even keep lists for trade paperback. This was mainly because hardcover versions for most titles are first to come out in the market. The popularity of the hardcover edition will influence the number of copies that are going to be published on paperback.


There are varied gauges of what makes a book a bestseller. In the United Kingdom, a hardcover title can be considered a bestseller if it manages to sell from 4,000 to 25,000 copies in a week. Sometimes, the gauge was in relation to other books in that same genre. The New York Times Bestseller List, one of the most popular lists in the US and probably in the whole world, bases its data from over three thousand booksellers both offline and online so this can include retail outlets, online shopping sites and even supermarkets. In some cases, the information does have loopholes because just because a book sells in one area doesn’t necessarily follow that it’s widely appreciated in another part of the country. But on the whole, this list is highly reputable so bookworms are always watching out for the titles that appear on it. It has divided its list into several different categories including trade fiction, mass market fiction, children’s literature and nonfiction.

Heads up

Experts have varied opinions on the bestsellers list concept. For one, just because the book sells doesn’t necessarily mean it is well-read. The bestsellers are just gaining the popularity and ending up as bookshelf décor instead of being really appreciated for their content. But it does pass as a good marketing strategy for many titles so that they get to generate more sales. But for old-time authors who have been selling a lot of their works through the years, getting on the list doesn’t really hold much of a difference considering that they already have their own reader base to maintain.

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